Introducing LightPaper Mini

LightPaper version 1.2 comes with a companion mini app embedded within. This app sits in your Mac status bar and allows you to take quick notes. Although it is called Mini, don’t underestimate the power it possesses – it has full markdown support, including highlighting, and allows you to preview your markdown notes without having to make a round trip to it’s big brother – LightPaper.

LightPaper Mini

There are actually two different types of notes you can take from LightPaper Mini – Scratch Notes and Shadow Notes. We’ll talk more about Shadow Notes in a future post but Scratch Note is exactly what you think it is – taking quick scratch/ draft notes.

Once you have added the notes, you can fire up LightPaper to see all your scratch notes. You can then continue editing them or save them as regular Markdown files.

You actually don’t have to do anything to get LightPaper Mini other than being on an OS X 10.10 or higher and launching LightPaper once. LightPaper Mini is a startup app so every time you log in to your system, it is going to get added to the status bar for your convenience. If you don’t like it as a startup item, you can go to Preferences > General and turn it off.

The great thing about LightPaper Mini is that it’s absolutely free for our new and existing users. No “in-app purchase” nonsense.

  1. I totally love this little cutie. I am using it to capture the flying ideas in my head. Can you improve it in a way it can hold longer scratches?

  2. Love this app so much, it has surpassed Writeroom as my most beloved text editor.

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