LightPaper 1.1 is here

It has been less than 1 month since we released LightPaper version 1.0 and version 1.1 is already here. Just like in version 1.0, we have added few really cool features, some of which we’ve talked about before such as Smart Drag-and-Drop and Real Preview.

One of the most loved features of LightPaper is its folder navigator sidebar. In version 1.1 we’ve enhanced it to show a list of your favorite files and folders. We did a lot of refactorings to make it flexible which means we can now put a lot of cool things in there.

Here is a list of things that have been added, improved and fixed in version 1.1:


  • Real Preview – See how your post would look like on a website when you publish it … without actually publishing it. Learn more…
  • Favorites – Favorite a file or a folder and have it always accessible from the sidebar
  • Smart Drag and Drop Support – Just drag and drop your images or a link, and LightPaper will add the correct markdown for you. Learn more…
  • Individual Styles – Give each document and its corresponding preview a style of its own. Access it from Styles menu
  • What’s new – Know the latest and greatest features & improvements we have made in LightPaper from with in the app. Access it from Help>What is New in this Version? menu item


  • Editor has got a lots of cool new improvements – smarter auto pairing of braces and quotes, use spaces for tabs, duplicate line(s), move line(s) up or down etc
  • HTML comments within markdown are now parsed as comments in the output
  • Jekyll table output is now supported in MultiMarkdown mode as well
  • About 30% of the code has been rewritten using the latest Swift programming language. This makes us very happy :)
  • Word counting algorithm as been optimized and is only calculated when needed
  • You can now use spaces instead of tabs. Change it from the Preferences window
  • Duplicate line(s), move line(s) up or down – all with shortcuts. Access them from Edit menu item
  • Detects external file changes and reload (Resolves #18)
  • Improves memory and CPU consumption


  • Fixed a bug where it would crash for some users while using GitHub Flavored Markdown
  • Fixed a bug where the Jekyll table wouldn’t be hidden
  • Fixed auto-bulleting for triple dashes (—)
  • Bring back services menu
  • Fixed HTML export encoding
  • Fixed some random crashes for some users
  • Fixed some more memory leaks